DocPod Training Resources


'Patient' = 'Client' = Person using the DocPod System

Usually it is a medical patient, but can be a 'patient' or 'client' in any field, for example, a patient in a physiotherapy clinic, a client in a psychology practice, a client in a non-medical business practice using DocPod.


'Doctor' = 'Health Care Provider' = 'HCP' = 'Nurse' = 'Assistant'= 'Manager' = Person controlling the DocPod System

'HCP' = 'Health Care Provider' is a better term than 'Doctor' since a larger variety of Health Care Providers (everyone from assistants to nurses to technologists to many other health care professionals) work in health care settings than physicians.  The term 'Doctor' is shorter and easier to use, and easier to visualize one patient in front of one doctor, but with regard to the DocPod System, whether the term 'Doctor' or 'Health Care Provider' is used, it simply refers to the person controlling the interaction of the Patient with the DocPod System.  Within a given clinic a Patient may initially be 'taken' by an Administrative Assistant (who DocPod will treat as a 'Health Care Provider') and then passed to a Doctor (who DocPod will also treat as a 'Health Care Provider').


'Clinic'= 'Department' = 'Office' = 'Business Unit' = 
Group of 'HCPs' (Health Care Providers) working together and seeing Patients who come to this Clinic

The DocPod System is cloud based and can handle millions of patients simultaneously. However, when a Patient logs into the DocPod System the Patient does not log into some general system, but into a specific 'Clinic' where specific Health Care Providers works. 


'System Administrator' = 'SysAdmin' = A Health Care Provider with special privileges who can adjust different features for a given Clinic

Different Clinics can be set up with different features, ranging from the 'Welcome' message to the Patients to how information is transferred to an EMR (electronic medical record) or EHR (electronic health record) system. The 'Health Care Provider' who is allowed to access the 'System Administrator Menu' and set the features for a clinic, is called the 'System Administrator'.


'Patient App' = DocPod software which runs on a tablet or computer used by a Patient

The 'Patient App' is the DocPod software which runs on Patient devices such as tablets or laptops or PCs at the clinic which the patient can use, or the Patient's own computer at home.

Patient Tablet Computer 7 inch Nexus.jpg


'Doctor App' = 'Health Care Provider App' = DocPod software which runs on a computer used by a Health Care Provider

The 'Doctor' App (or 'HCP' App or 'Health Care Provider' App) is the software which runs on computers used by the Health Care Providers taking care of the Patients.